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Applying successfully to an MBA program is relatively long demanding process. Show your individual way of thinking, intelligence and uniqueness to demonstrate that you are an outstanding candidate.

Each MBA programme has its own list of application requirements and essay topics. This means every applicant has to familiarize oneself with the instructions thoroughly and decide in what ways s/he may show how well s/he suites the admissions criteria.

The consulting services include:

  • School selection;
  • Overall application process planning;
  • Assistance with essay writing: coaching, review and feedback;
  • Interview training;
  • Selection and preparation of recommendation letters;
  • Developing Resumes or Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • Data forms revision;
  • Assistance with extra-curricular involvements.

There two types of consulting services available:


This aims to provide one with individual, comprehensive guidance and support in the entire application process.


It is to assist applicants in one or several selected parts of the application process.